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 Find People in the UK
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Are you trying to trace a person or group of people in the United Kingdom ? Have you lost touch with an old friend, family member or business partner? Perhaps your were adopted and you want to trace your birth parents. Haabaa Find People in UK service can do just that for you at a low cost.

Haabaa find people UK is a unique service tailored for the UK and not USA like some similar services on the Internet. This service is provides by qualified investigators, it is NOT a DIY people finding service. This service does not charge hourly rates, just a low one-off service setup fee.

Our Guarantee to you

Haabaa find people UK guarantees high quality of services, our investigators are qualified investigators with a wealth of experience and access to all the relevant records such as; up to date UK voters register, birth, marriage and death records dating back from 1900. Details of UK property ownership, credit files, forwarding addresses from very reliable sources such as financial institutions. Our investigators also have access to CCJ and bankruptcy information.

 How we work

Local enquiries will be conducted, as well as searching various databases to find your missing person. To start the “find people” investigation the missing person’s full name and previous address will need to be known. If you know their age/date of birth or where you think they might have moved to (town/city) that would be very helpful as well. Marriage details like the husband/wife's name would be helpful as well.

Background Check:

You’ll need to supply their full name and current address. A CCJs + bankruptcy information check will be carried out, as well as finding out if they have bought anything on hire purchase agreements. Mortgage information and any cautions entered against their property are also provided. Checking they are married is possible if the correct information is provided. If they run a company/home-based business then I can provide information on that too.

It is important to realise that your details won’t just typed into a computer and then fingers crossed that the database will find them. This is a very low-grade way to find people in the UK , as at best only about 75% of the UK population are on these advanced "Find People UK" databases. During the investigation contacts will be developed and called that should know the location of your missing person, giving you much more detail and effort than other UK people finder companies.

Some investigators offer to find people in the UK on a "no find no fee" basis. These people rarely investigate, choosing to just type the info into the computers. They just play the numbers. If they receive 1000 cases a month and 5% are successful, at a cost of £200 a trace they make £10,000 a month. Sounds fishy, but it is true of some UK people finders. Hopefully not the majority… Make sure that the person you're asking to find someone is actually going to investigate! This is why an upfront fee is charged, as several hours will be spent researching your case in order to gather information to find your missing person.

Even if the end result is an unsuccessful one the information provided will show the quality of work done to try and find the missing person.

The final "Find People UK" report that is emailed to you will include what exactly has been done to trace them. You won’t be emailed with just "sorry, couldn't find them" unlike other companies do. Finding UK people is a serious matter and the report will always details what has been done.

Price - £29.99 upfront (non-refundable to cover time and expenses) and a further £99.99 only id successful.
Send and email to discuss your case! Use the form!

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