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Why its important to get your business listed online ...

More and more businesses are reacting to the demands of the consumer, recent reports have suggested that 70% of households search daily for online products and services, this number is increasing drammaticaly.

Many local businesses which were once limited to their immediate area are now realising the potential of being recognised on a national and sometimes international level purely through the internet, however not everyone has the time or money to build a website which is where web directories come in.

We believe that Haabaa gives excellent value for money because we offer more than just a listing with an address, we provide your own dedicated page or "micro website" that will give a condensed version of what your buisiness is about, with a powerful link to your main website, and if you don't have a website... a listing with Haabaa solves this problem, we will even add some product or service images of your choice to your dedicated page as well as a brief description, company logo and contact details.
"Advertising with Haabaa is straight forward and excellent value for money, there are hundreds of web directories who advertise and are very good, Haabaa seemed to go that extra mile, our head office in London have a web site but we only appear as an additional listing. 

Haabaa gives us a dedicated page for our Birmingham branch but with a powerful link back to the main website, it gives us a chance to show potential customers a little bit more about ourselves rather than just an address on a web listing, other web directories offer less but for more outlay which also makes Haabaa more appealing, the Haabaa home page also ranks highly on Google for many keywords with regards to web directories which drives traffic to the sub pages.

A good job well done and a professional attitude.

Russell Oram - branch manager, Call print Birmingham.  
Russell Oram - branch manager, Call print Birmingham

"Initially, I was a little dubious about going with another web directory, they always promise the earth but often deliver very little.

Within a couple of months of listing with Haabaa I was pleasantly surprised with the increase in enquiries for Golf equipment.

It didn't happen overnight but a gradual creep up the Google pages has definitely given us the edge over our competition, we are now looking to expand the business. 

Haabaa's approach and the results they have generated for me have restored some of my confidence on advertising on the internet, with more and more people of all ages turning to the internet for their shopping needs I feel reassured that my business is being promoted with a strong, reputable company, I am now in discussions with Haabaa to get my website listed on the top pages of Google with their Premium SEO service." Stuart Tree - Owner, Planet Golf UK

Stuart Tree - Owner, Planet Golf UK  
Stuart Tree - Owner, Planet Golf UK
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